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Bromsgrove Removals firm Campbell's lorry outside terraced houses

Home Moving Guides

Most people have to face the problems of moving house. This guide is designed to answer your questions and help your removal go a little more smoothly. The guide gives advice on how to pack china, how to prepare, what to do on the day and so on.

Removal Day

Before your removal can commence, the van must be placed as near as possible to the building. If you live in a narrow, restricted or busy street please contact the local Police or the local council. You will usually find them very helpful. It may also be useful to have a chat with your neighbours and advise them about your removal. If your house is at the end of a long drive with overhanging branches; consider a bit of pruning. Removal vans are tall; up to 13FT 6IN high and expensive to replace. Think about the access at the other end, note: if we have quoted for delivery to an address with good access and the van cannot get close to the property we have the right to make an additional charge.

Bromsgrove removal firm Campbell's lorry with ramp for packing

Packing Tips

Fragile items should be packed into the larger pack 2 cartons. Bedding, cushions and towels are useful for around delicate items. Plates should be packed on end and glasses should be packed upright. If you are using our cartons we will provide packing paper for such items. Bubble wrap is also available for an extra fee.

Campbell's staff member packing a living room

Who to Tell

It is your personal responsibility to notify the local authority of the area you are leaving as well as the area you are moving to, including the date of the move and whether you rent or own the property. A void period of up to 6 months is allowed for unoccupied and unfurnished properties. If the property is furnished the charge is reduced to 50% until the premises are occupied. It is worth consulting your local office if you are leaving a property vacant to live and work in a new area.

Bromsgrove removals firm Campbell's lorry outside a residential property